Digital Literacy Course from Microsoft

Microsoft has launched an update to its popular Digital Literacy course. This is the first of two updates to the course, and the second one is scheduled to be released in June-July 2019. This will give you plenty of time to review it and consider adding some or all of the material to next school year.

The course is online and self-paced. Even if you consider yourself a master of digital literacy, it’s always nice to see how content is presented and you may even find a few new teaching resources/ideas.

This course will cover :

  • Interacting with hardware and devices  
  • Consuming digital content online  
  • Communicating online  
  • Computer privacy, safety and security  
  • Online etiquette and civility  
  • Accessing and modifying digital content  
  • Online collaboration  

Once you’re finished with the course, you can earn a Digital Literacy Certificate. If you receive a passing score on the 30 multiple-choice question course assessment, you will earn a printable digital literacy certificate to show your accomplishment. You can take the assessment whenever you feel ready. Which means you can take the assessment without ever taking the course (which I did). The assessment had questions about Microsoft specific software (mostly Word) and several questions about privacy, how the Internet works, and basic computer hardware.

If you want to access the “legacy” course (the one before the recent update), you can still access it here.

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