Create an Archive Folder in Google Drive

So as you’ve already discovered, I’m an awful blogger.

Or I WAS an awful blogger 😉

I’m in the midst of a pretty significant career change and I’ll be dedicating much more time to sharing via my blog and social media.  I promise I’ll post something next week with all that info.

Anyway… a part of my transition involved switching computers. While most of my files were already on Google Drive, I had a lot stored on the hard drive. At first my plan was to create a folder and just dump everything on there to organize later, but some of the stuff I wasn’t even certain I really needed to keep. I knew I wouldn’t need it anytime soon. But perhaps there was still a chance I might need it? Or maybe someone else would? Ah the dilemma.

I assumed Google Drive would have an Archive option, just as Gmail does – but it doesn’t. But in my search, I found this handy post on Google Forum that shows a roundabout way to create an Archive folder.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a folder on your main Google Drive account. I creatively called it “Archive”. With the help of my tech-savvy BFF’s Nancy Jo Lambert and Sherry Gick, I even added an emoji to my folder name. (yeah yeah, I live under a rock I know)

This is where you’ll move all of those documents that you probably haven’t looked at in years and are really only holding on to in the slight chance you might want them.

Maybe you were an elementary librarian and are now in high school? Maybe you don’t have plans to go back to elementary but you don’t want to throw all of those goodies away…just in case. This is a great solution for you.

Just moving the items into a separate folder was helpful.  The only problem I had was that those files still appeared in my Search. I really want to make sure that the results that appear are timely, so when I search something like “Standards”, I’m not finding stuff from 2011.

The way to do this is to make your Archive folder owned by another account. Now, in order to do this, you will need to have another Google account. While I have multiple Gmail accounts, I really only use one account for my Google Drive. Since my other Gmail accounts give me 15GB of free Google Drive Storage, I decided to tap into that for my Archive.

Right click on the Folder and open the Sharing settings.

In the lower right corner, click ADVANCED.

Type in the email address of the account you want to share it with and click “DONE.”

Once you’ve shared it, you’ll need to go back into sharing settings.

Now when you reopen your sharing settings, you’ll have the option to make that account the Owner.

After making the new account the owner of the folder, you can Remove it from your Drive. Removing it from your Drive will ensure that those documents don’t appear in your search results.

I know it can be scary hitting the Trash Can. But remember – they aren’t actually being deleted. You’re just removing this folder from your main account. If you ever need some lesson plan you did in 2007, just login to your other Google account and you’ll find all you files there.

So there ya have it, folks. This trick was probably already known by 97% of you, but whatever. I think it’s awesome.

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