It has been a mighty long time since I’ve published a blog post. Although I have many in draft, I haven’t posted anything in months. I’m flattered to say that someone actually noticed (thanks!) After attending ISTE and a few EdCamps this summer, I really want to focus on blogging regularly. Some of the educators I look up to blog religiously and they are always testifying to how their blog helps them reflect, share, and organize the things they’ve learned. So I decided to revamp my blog and give it a bit of a makeover (like it?)

And then…I lost it. My energy was all gone. I had nothing. I couldn’t even make it through Jeopardy without falling asleep. I slept through many alarms reminding me of my favorite Twitter chats. I registered for numerous webinars that I napped through. I just couldn’t do it.

But now my energy is returning and so I’m excited to announce the arrival of Betty Louise Lister!

Betty turns 3 weeks old tomorrow and although my energy is still wavering (I also have a 2 1/2 year old), I am determined to finish my blog posts that have been collecting dust on the ‘draft’ shelf. Although maternity leave isn’t leaving me with as much down time as I’d hoped (again…the 2 1/2 year old), I really hope to take advantage of some learning opportunities that I just haven’t had time for. I really hope to finish my Google Certified Educator courses, read all those articles I marked as “Read Later”, and perhaps even do one of those DIY’s I have pinned on Pinterest. 
Things to come:
  • Part of my leave is going to be spent curating more ideas for our Makerspace. Stay tuned for our adventures 🙂
  • I am so excited to attend AASL for the first time. Thanks to Bound to Stay Bound Books for awarding me with the travel grant. If you’re attending, be sure to attend Hack the Association on Thursday from 10pm-12. We’re going to reinvent AASL and we want your input! Follow the conversation at #HACKAASL15 and #AASL15

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