The Results!

The school year is sadly coming to an end. This is only my second year in this district, but I can’t believe how much has changed in just one year! Things are so much easier now that I know the kids. I know their interests, their quirks, and their dislikes. Being a good teacher is so much than curriculum.

One thing that I will keep in my heart fondly is a project I did with my first graders. Each student wrote a non-fiction book on a mammal they researched. We were able to get these books published by Studentreasures for FREE. (See this blog post for more info on the program).

When the books arrived, we had a small celebration in the library where I presented each student with their book. It was amazing to see the kids blush! 
Student 1:”I’m famous!”
Student 2: “I don’t want to be famous because then I’ll have to ride in a limo. Once, my dad rode in a limo, and he got all sweaty.”

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