iPad Tips: Lock Screen to Stay within an App!

My school district recently blessed me with an iPad. I’ve been super excited about it and have been trying to use it in many was as possible. As an elementary teacher, I was finding some issues where students would navigate away from the page or app I put them on – both intentionally and accidentally. This was especially an issue for some of the video sites I use.

This was also an issue in my personal life. I have an 8 month old son, and when showing him a video on YouTube that I watched as a child (on VHS of course), he would get excited and touch the screen and stop the video.

P.S. Here is the video – “Baby Songs

I stumbled upon this tip and thought I’d share.

It’s something called “Guided Access” and it has been a lifesaver.

Click on your Settings icon. 

Click on the “General” tab if not already there (1)
Scroll down and click on “Accessibility” (2)

Click on “Guided Access”. By default, this option is set to “off”. 

Turn it on and you will be prompted to set a passcode.

To turn Guided Access on, visit the website or app you wish to lock. 

Once you are there, click the home button quickly 3 times.

The Guided Access menu pops up and gives you some options. You can either lock certain areas of the screen (ads or something) OR lock the entire screen (when viewing a video). 


To stop, click home button 3 times and enter the passcode and click DONE.

Thank you to Voice4U for the images.

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